Few words

...Samba ! Welcome everybOdy !

You are on your way to go to visit the Pymies's country ? Let me tell you, we are in MikOngO, & Massengalani, LOpe Okanda national park in the OgOOué IvindO region, GabOn.

If you intend to reach us just make sure that you won't interfeer too much with the People & their environnement. Besides, you will be must probably surprised by the persons & by the events coming across

Nevertheless you may live with us for a while if you really want to feel the meanning of living in a remote & peacefull place. Shopping, fishing, harvesting, hunting or fruit picking straight from the forest. We are preserving animal as much as we can but in another hand their are not preserving us, we need to protect ourselves & the agriculture which feeds our childrens & their mothers. Not to mention the potentially dangerous & sudden encounter with them. Nobody hunts for fun but for food or to defend the people from getting injured or smashed for good.

People will lead you throughout the journey to the forest,Mpindi, &  some of the hidden inhabitants. GOrillas amongts others are pretty much populars & preserved in this area.

Save the water falls of KOngOu, probably the most beautifull in central Africa

http://www.irimep.org/pages/signaturekongou.html (sorry it's in french but you can sign it with your e-mail to help keep the forest untouched, thank you, Oh!)

www.brainforest.org the organisers of the resistance to the "forest erasers"


Good tips for you on this one. Many thanks to MikOdiO, a very efficient gabOma deeply dipped into the matter. The matrix of Ebweta, our knowledge.





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